What To Do About Bristol Airport Parking if Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

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Do you have a flight booked from Bristol Airport this summer? As in the case for many other British holidaymakers, you may have a few worries about it being cancelled, possibly at the very last minute, and then having to deal with the after effects of this. Because we are in the business of finding cheap Bristol Airport Parking, then we can help you plan just in case your booking is at risk of cancellation and how to avoid losing your airport parking reservation.

Which Airlines Fly From Bristol Airport?

Airlines flying from Bristol Airport include EasyJet, Ryanair, KLM, Aer Lingus, Jet2, Lufthansa and Lauda. And there are many tour operators that charter flights from here such as First Choice, On the Beach, Olympic Holidays, Tui and Saga.

Are EasyJet Still Flying From Bristol Airport?

They are, with both scheduled flights and chartered flights as part of EasyJet Holidays. You can find the latest flight information via their site or the Bristol Airport site, and the long list of EasyJet scheduled flight destinations from Bristol includes Rome, Split, Porto, Alicante, Mykonos and Kefalonia.

How Do I Find Out if My Bristol Airport Flight Has Been Cancelled?

Your airline should contact you if there are any issues, but there are a number of other ways you can check flight statuses in the run up to your departure date. Firstly, go to a standard flight search engine and input the specific flight details. If the flight you are booked on does not appear in the search, this could be an indication that it has been scheduled for cancellation (but you haven’t been informed yet). If this happens, then contact your airline directly and get as much information as you can. It’s also a good idea to download a flight status check app so you can easily keep track of what’s going on.

Are There Any EasyJet Flight Cancellations From Bristol Airport?

EasyJet cancelled a spate of Bristol Airport flights at short notice in April and May, so it’s understandable that people are concerned about their 2022 summer holiday bookings. As well as using a flight status checker app and the airline site, we also suggest checking EasyJet cancellations on a daily basis in the lead up to your departure date. This will give you a general idea of how many EasyJet flights are being cancelled right now.

What Happens if My Bristol Airport Flight is Cancelled?

Unless there are extenuating circumstances (such as extreme weather), you will probably be entitled to a refund or an alternative flight, even if that flight is with a different airline. Obviously this is easier to arrange if your flight is cancelled with lots of notice, but in all circumstances, contact your airline or operator ASAP, keep all your receipts and invoices, and make sure you know your rights.

How Busy is Bristol Airport Right Now?

Short answer: very. Whichever day you are travelling this summer, it’s pretty much guaranteed it will be busy at Bristol Airport. This is because its pandemic recovery has been quicker than any other airport in the UK, with passenger numbers at 94% of where they were in 2019, and 30k people passing through the terminal every day. Unfortunately, this could mean a high chance of delays and cancellations – even though it’s almost as busy as it was pre-pandemic, they are currently experiencing staff shortages that they didn’t have in 2019.

How Many Flights is Bristol Airport Cancelling?

At time of writing, 120 Bristol Airport flights have been cancelled since 6th June 2022. However, the situation is constantly changing. Bristol World has daily updates on how many flights have been cancelled, and with staff shortages still an issue, it’s best to be vigilant and check regularly.

How Much is Bristol Airport Parking?

This is dependent on the car park you choose. There are different Official Bristol Airport Parking options as well as off-site parking providers that may offer more competitive quotes. These start from just £60 for 7 days parking with Oakwood Parking. Other options include £74 for a meet and greet service with A4 Parking, or £108.99 to park in Bristol Airport’s Silver Zone car park. We suggest looking at a number of quotes before you decide, as you may prefer to pay extra to park nearer the terminal.

How Much is Bristol Airport Drop Off?

Bristol Airport has a Drop and Go Car Park near the terminal building and prices for this start at £5 for 10 minutes. If you need to park for a bit longer, then you might prefer to use the Short Stay car park as this is slightly better value. It costs £5 for up to 20 minutes, £7 for up to 40 minutes and £10 for up to an hour’s parking.

Can I Get a Refund on My Bristol Airport Parking if My Flight is Cancelled?

This will depend on the type of airport parking booking you have. If it’s a flexible reservation, then there’s a good chance you will get a refund if your flight is cancelled (or you can amend your booking if your flight arrangements change in advance). If you do think there is a risk of your flight being cancelled, we recommend paying slightly more for a flexible booking. This is because cheaper ‘Super Saver’ deals usually come with a condition that you can’t amend the booking or claim your money back if you have to cancel.

Because there are signs that the flight cancellation is improving ever-so-slightly, please try not to worry too much unless you know for sure your Bristol Airport flight is being cancelled. If you have already booked everything (including airport parking), the best thing you can do is just be vigilant, and check up on your flight statuses and the general situation of your airline in the weeks and days leading up to your departure date. If you are yet to book your cheap Bristol Airport Parking, then we recommend making sure you have a flexible reservation. Read the terms and conditions before you book, make sure you know where you stand if your flight is cancelled, and ensure you can easily contact your chosen parking provider in any eventuality.

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